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Welcome to Cyber Wars X
[23/08/2017 22:30]

Latest News:
First of all, are you a player that hasn't started yet and you're considering to start? Now is the right time. All new accounts receive the following : instant lv90 with full soulgear + accessories and 40x lv5 gems
Let's talk about war. All guilds have increased size to 24 members ( call your friends! ) And ofcourse, there is still no alliance, for more pvp frags! There's always Giant Hunter, that now spawns 3 times a day, and Nexus of Hunger that spawns 2 times a day! Every 30 minutes of every hour a random boss spawns in a random map.
The NPC's called Holy Angels in atlantis sell various stuff that are useful, like lv100 soulgear, stardusts, and other interesting things.
Cosmos is reworked for balance. Exalation is enabled. Max exalt level is 80, for now.
Most cards will drop an aditional card inside them ( Flame Shura Card ). Droprate will be low, but the rewards from the FS card are extremelly valuable.
To get gems, you just gotta do 1 x Lava Normal run a day, which now is able to do upon level 50! Also, Medea gives out 50 LV5 gems a day and enormous amount of experience. We just value your time, you got more important things to do than doing 3 gem runs ;)
Little features that make big differences:
You have collected a lot of gem coins? It's simple, 5x LV3 gem coins form into a LV4 by right mouse click and also, 5x LV4 gem coins form into a lv5 by right mouse click! Who's got the time to combine lv3s into lv7s anyway? :P



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Server Status: Online
Patch: Odin (Custom)
EXP: 10x
Drop: 20x

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