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So, let’s get to the point, this is what you can expect here:
- 50k zen daily (ATM The ZEN Program is still being worked on, once it is here you will get xx amount of ZEN for lal the days that are missing starting Thursday, 15th of June.
- starting level is level 1 (if you do the quest in your respective temple you will be lv34 in 5 seconds.)
- npc medea gives feee daily experience.
- EXP EVENTS: dragon island, fallen darkness, ToB (normal) can be entered solo.
- Dragon Emperor, Specter Island, Giza Pyramid, Lava Heights (all normal runs) drop gem coins. (Npc Sylla in Atlantis Square sells gems for gem coins).
- Tanno drops fragments for oracle rings/necklases (to combine a ring/neck it is required 5x fragments of same type(ring/neck).
- Pyramid semi bosses drop 1 fragment each. Trapped Osiris drops 2 x items that exchange for oracle ring(random class).
-Guilds: Members per level- 20(lv1), 22(2), 24(3), 26(4), 28(5), 30(6). There will be no alliances.
- Poseidon Temple event -7 bosses that drop 1 poseidon force(upgrade material for oracle rings), and the last boss drops 5 poseidon forces.
- Fort Glacier(requires bidding-coins) top 6 guilds( top by bidding) participate it. 5 parties can join. Winner is the one with the highest score(scoring is obtainable by farming - killing- killing turrets - killing base).
- NPC Sylla (Atlantis Square) sells gems lv3/4 for gem coins.
- Zodiac Gauntlet - Challenge a powerful Zodiac ( daily event ). Every day spawns a different zodiac, total of 12.
- Zombie event (Daily) – You will love it.
- Demigod / Lower Demigod / Meso Demigod items are in the marketplace. Don't cry about the price when you said you're going to be lazy. ;)
Understand: This version of B O I is 7-8 years old and there is no combat aid inside it. Besides, AFK Farm is almost useless ( Anniversary Celebration letters), so don't go nuts over it.



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Server Status: Online
Patch: Odin (Custom)
EXP: 10x
Drop: 20x

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