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Donation: Please take some time to review this before making any payment towards CyWaX

What is the point of the donations:
Donations are a form of help from the players to the server itself. The funds are used mostly for hosting, development, updates, maintenance, and most importantly DDoS protection of the server. These costs can be pricy so any donation is helpful towards having those bills settled every month and keeping the server up. .

Donation rules:
1. There are no refunds whatsoever. This is simple, the funds are used to pay the bills so they are kind of re-directed to third parties (bills) once they become available.
2. In case a donator gets banned, they don’t have the rights to require transfer of the subscriptions and/or items purchased to a new character.
3. Donators do not have privileges. By that, we are trying to say that every person must follow the rules of the server regardless of their status ( donator, GM, normal player)
4. Selling accounts is not allowed and will result in a ban for the both parties, seller and buyer.
5. The admins have the right to change the donations, and/or to add new options/remove old ones.
- Rules updated on 29/07/2017.



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Server Status: Online
Patch: Odin (Custom)
EXP: 10x
Drop: 20x

GM boidev
GM Ajihad
GM Mega
GM Logan_
GM Astaroth

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